Three years ago, I was honored to be chosen as a member of the first class of Zhiyuan College. The undergraduate education here equipped me with solid quantitative background, which allowed me to tackle complicated models without difficulties. Meanwhile, the freedom on curricula enabled me to pursue my own interests, which gave me the chance to figure out what I really like. A dream is like a car. If you are in full control of it, you are not driving it fast enough. Helping students to find their own ambition is far more significant than imparting knowledge. So I always believe that university should be a place where dream catchers start their dreams.

Randy Pausch once said, “Remember brick walls let us show our dedication. They are there to separate us from the people who don’t really want to achieve their childhood dreams.” On the way towards our dream, we have to go through all these “brick walls”. As for me, it’s never easy to make this transition from mathematic & physics to economics & finance. During these four years, I took much more efforts than others. And finally I got the PhD offer at the department of Operations Research & Financial Engineering at Princeton University with Upton Fellowship. All the efforts eventually pay back. From my own experience, I want to tell those people who are stuck in certain stage of their lives, dream catchers not only have dreams, but also boast their execution.